Why be EcoSmart

Here's how to save money and help protect out environment

You’re probably already recycling your waste and maybe you’ve installed water-saving devices around the home and business, or even a rainwater tank to supplement your mains water usage.

You might also be cycling or walking to work instead of driving your car, to play your part in helping the environment.

But there is more we can do, not only at home but also at work, to reduce our negative effect on the environment and the greenhouse gases we create, as well as save money on our electricity bills

Apart from switching off lights when they are not needed, most people have little idea how to go about saving energy. That’s where trained EcoSmart Electricians can help.

Are environmentally friendly options more expensive?

A trained EcoSmart Electrician can still continue to offer all the usual electrical services you’ve come to expect, but can also offer you much more.

Investing more now in energy efficient products and services is a definite saving for the future. You will save power and therefore save money in the long term. And, it’s worth it because you’ll be doing even more to help protect the environment.

EcoSmart approach to energy

These days everyone is talking about the rising cost of power, and what to do about it.

We all want to cut down on wasteful energy use. Reducing electricity use is friendly on the pocket, protects the environment and eases the pressure on lake levels.

There’s now a growing demand for energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology and products.

There’s also an increasing array of new products and technologies with the potential to reduce energy use and be kinder on the environment, whilst a simple solution can also be a cost effective answer

But often there’s a gap – a missing link between the product and the ability to use it.

Information and training make the difference, and these are what distinguish EcoSmart electricians – members of ECANZ who have been trained in new energy-efficient products, technology and installations.

EcoSmart electricians can provide advice and assistance on the best and simplest ways to cut electricity consumption and energy costs.

Their aim is to save power, save money and ease the pressure on the environment.

EcoSmart electricians provide the missing link, the practical intervention between your desire for a better energy solution and getting it in practice.

EcoSmart electricians can conduct an assessment to determine the impact and value of possible improvements.

The assessment can offer alternatives in areas such as energy management, lighting, heating, venting, air conditioning, pumps, fans, motors, and new technology in solar and wind power.

EcoSmart electricians can also provide practical tips for conserving energy and efficient energy use.

The solutions don’t necessarily cost much – or anything at all - as often basic changes can lead to considerable savings.

Practical interventions by EcoSmart electricians are the key.

It may be as simple as checking your power tariff, installing sensors or timers, changing lights or encouraging someone to take responsibility in the office for the use of power.

The EcoSmart programme has some funding from the Electricity Commission, and technical support from EECA, Philips, Schneider and Right House.

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